So what is the purpose of a facilitator or therapist?

A facilitator could be seen as a sounding board or feedback device, a person with skills and methods who doesn’t mind wading through the muck with you so that we can all get to that pristine beach with a cocktail in our mitts. A facilitator is someone equipped with training in methods that can be used to elicit insights into how you have formed your behaviour and how you establish the strategies and beliefs that govern your life.
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My intention as a facilitator is not to tell you what to believe, it is to offer practical philosophies and techniques in an interactive session to help you gain awareness of and change debilitating beliefs and behaviours, to be a guide to you in editing your life story.

Through facilitating you in reclaiming responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, you gain awareness of, and insight into, how you have designed and do design yourself, based on what you already believe on an unconscious level (‘programmed’ in from your childhood years), and what you choose to believe today.

But before we get into the modalities and philosophies I engage with for this task I would like to suggest a couple of methods that you can do use on your own to grapple with yourself.