Personal Development Guide

Move! I won’t say exercise because I know a fair few of us bridle an uneasy and torturous feeling to that word (a limiting belief perhaps?), so lets just say move - anything, anyhow: walk, dance, gym, run, push up, pull down - anything to get you into your body, pumping your blood and out of your head… (the endorphin effect is an extra benefit).Your first paragraph ...

Practice meditation – the art of stalking yourself, waiting with no particular agenda to be present to any thought or feeling that arises in the moment, staying completely present in the sensations of your body, and observing what arises in the aspect of consciousness that you represent, be it a physical sensation, a sound, a sight, a thought or feeling, and not holding onto any of it – just letting it come and go and staying ever present. The method I recommend for this is Vipassana. It is a non-sectarian approach to this art and runs on a donation basis the world over, here’s a link should this be piquing your interest. You can also take a look at Sam Harris's book and meditation app which both present this form of meditation.

The next thing I can recommend is paying attention to your own self-talk – stalk your thinking. Develop an awareness of any repetitive beliefs you keep talking to yourself about and the ‘movies’ you keep playing in your head and then choose to stop the movies and talk that breaks you down and re-write the script. This may sound overly simple and impossible to do in which case grab a pen and write the stuff down so that it gets it out of your system and becomes an 'external' element, dissociating it from yourself so to speak.

Pay attention to your diet, are you pumping yourself full of sugar and processed foods? There are a variety of diet options out there so you may feel more comfortable consulting with a dietician. Alternatively you can take a look at these options for yourself: The Ketogenic Diet; The Paleo Diet; The Metabolic Typing Diet; Raw for 30 days.

You can also practice the art of becoming your own counselor. Depending on the severity of your condition or challenge at hand, take a ‘third-party’ position up in your own head and start counseling yourself...this could be a laugh and can be very enlightening!

Alternatively, if you would like an extra hand and mind in the matter then you can choose to visit a therapist or facilitator, and such a service I am here to offer. I do not diagnose, nor do I claim to cure, that’s up to you, I merely facilitate you into realising how you create your life story using the practical philosophies of Neuro Linguistic Programming; PSYCH-K® and Hypnotherapy.

If you have been diagnosed with a severe mental or physical condition I recommend you seek out a specialist. If you have already done this with no results and are looking for an alternative approach to your well-being then welcome!