Photograph by Elisha Krämer

I studied at the University of Cape Town attaining an honours degree in Fine Art and a Bachelors in Philosophy and Religion. Since then I have done a variety of training modules and courses to extend my knowledge and specialise in various fields relating to philosophy, health, movement and creativity.

Traveling extensively has exposed me to the tremendous variety of human cultures and customs, and the fascinating differences and similarities we all share as a human race, the common grounds, and the extreme contrasts. This has taught me respect for our diversity of perspectives and conditions.

Through my travels, I studied the dance forms of India and The Middle East, becoming an oriental dance instructor. I taught a wide variety of women in this dance, and the empowering and healing affects of it have been profound to witness.

Aerial acrobatics is another field I became proficient in. My love for maintaining the health and fitness of the body led me to this extreme form of physical practice, an art form that teaches one how the mind and body work so intimately - they are one and the same, how we can handle extreme feats of strength, the importance of cooperation and how to manage emotional and mental states.

My fathers declining health, bothered by that nasty lady we call Dementia, led me to stop traveling and care for him, exposing me first hand to the realm of madness, how the loss of words, memory and the ability to associate leads to a dissociation from the physical and the ability to communicate, a dislocation of worlds.

My mother was a primary influence on me, her own suicidal path led her to the study of endocrinology and following her personal life-transforming experience, she established her own business, Progesterone Therapy. Her approach to health and well-being coming predominantly from a chemical standpoint taught me to pay attention to this aspect, how diet and what we put into or on our bodies affects not only the physical but also our thoughts and emotions.

I cared for my mother full time through cancer up until her death. Due to my mothers' excellent health; awareness of the environmental toxins we are exposed to and the importance she placed on diet, this left me with a curiosity into how emotion and thoughts affect our health and that potentially, if distress or dis-ease is not resolved, it can manifest in such extreme physiological forms.

All my experiences have shown me how subjective and unique each of our conditions are. It also taught me more of how our emotions and thoughts affect our physical bodies and inspired me to take my exploration into the mind/body connection further, so I became qualified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and PSYCH-K®.

I have found NLP and PSYCH-K® to be good tools and practical philosophies that I have been able to engage with for my own self-inquiry and am passionate about being able to offer my services in these modalities to you, to facilitate you in discovering your underlying stories and subconscious programs and grounding your sense of self.

I currently live in Cape Town and have been adopted by the neighbours’ cat.

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