Neuro Linguistic Programming,
Hypnotherapy &

PSYCH-K® Facilitation

Working with the unconscious mind to change limiting beliefs and behaviours utilising the philosophies and methodologies of Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and Psych-K.

I focus on working with people interested in self-development as well as those dealing with depression, anxiety and phobias.
The sessions are goal based or result based and involve active and dedicated participation and commitment. Please use the links in the navigation bar for information on how I work and the modalities I work with.
I work one on one, with couples and group coaching.

“Each person is a unique individual. Hence, psychotherapy should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs, rather than tailoring the person to fit the Procrustean bed of a hypothetical theory of human behavior.”

– Milton H. Erickson